The Viral Company is a full service creative agency based in Stockholm.
We strive to create stories worthy of being told, and exist to build brands
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A Vintersaga Made by Sweden

January 21 · 2015

A whole new chapter of Volvos inspiring story ”Made by Sweden” just launched. And we are happy to be part of it.
Side by side with Forsman & Bodenfors, creative power house and Volvo's head agency we are handling the digital and social rollout of an inspirational journey throughout Sweden.
This is not your ordinary post card picture but rather a tribute to the darkness, cold and melancholy of Swedish winter.
See the video, take a four minute ride and realise why Volvo build exactly the cars they do.

Screw movie night. Go work out.

December 16 · 2014

We know that training can be tough. Especially when you’re on your own. That’s why we together with Reebok are launching Reebok BFF, where you and your BFF can go work out – for free! At you sign up and invite your BFF to join in.
At the physical event you’ll also have the chance to try on the
new Reebok Cardio Ultra - the one and only gym shoe you need for your studio training. Kick off Christmas in the best way possible - get strong(er) with your Best Fitness Friend. Book your free class here.

94 went for it, Camilla won it.

September 19 · 2014

If people are passionate about fitness? Well, can Chuck Norris breathe under water? That’s a double yes right there. On August 30 we got the answer to our challenge — 94 people(!) signed up for the Reebok tattoo, and 24 year old Camilla Nilsson took home the yearlong Reebok sponsorship, and
shared her remarkable story of how fitness completely have changed her life. With every tattoo came a unique story, and we've proven that for many people, Reebok really is Forever. Adweek covered our follow-up film and wrote a second story about it. Read it here.

Magic DOES exist! It’s called Plotagon

August 29 · 2014

Ever wished you could write a story with your bare hands,

and seconds later see it come to life in all-you-can-dream animated 3D magic? It’s been pretty much (read: definitely) impossible until a couple of unusually exceptional people created a thing called Plotagon.

It’s an app where you choose an animated character, write your story and press play. It really is that simple. We’re incredibly happy to announce that we are teaming up with Plotagon for the worldwide rollout this fall. Do check it out,

if you haven’t done so already.

Mother's boys Jacob & Emil join The Viral Company

August 25 · 2014

Creative power duo Jacob Sempler and Emil Tiismann woke up at 4.32 AM in London town, put their finest t-shirts on, managed to successfully get through the Ryan Air booking system, checked in sans luggage, had a shaky gin and tonic
somewhere over the village of Aalborg, landed in Stockholm and an hour later rang the doorbell at The Viral Company.

We are very happy to have them here. A digitally possessed, well above average, creative team. Read all about it here.

Pain is temporary. Reebok is Forever.

August 13 · 2014

There’s no community like the CrossFit community. These days people eat, sleep and breathe fitness in a way that makes us think golf is not a sport. (Which might be true). Reebok has been an integral part of making the CrossFit scene grow, and therefore we’re putting their value to the test this fall. August 30, at the Tough Viking Race in Stockholm contestants will
be able to get a free tattoo anywhere they’d like on their body. The one doing the largest tattoo walks away with a unique, yearlong Reebok sponsorship. Is there a catch? Of course there’s a catch. The only available motive is the Reebok logo. Get your Reebok ink here, or read about it in Adweek here.

TVC young guns strikes again, two future lions in the den

June 24 · 2014

We bow our heads to copywriter David Swedenström and art director Ludwig Hallstensson for their slam dunk in Cannes Lions last week. Together with August Östberg, representing Berghs School of Communication, they won the Future Lions award with a stunning creative piece named Google Gesture.
Not only is the initiative a possible game changer for people all over the world – it’s also confirmed as one of the main social media topics from the Cannes Lions festival 2014. Way to go, boys! We’re happy to have some serious emerging talent in the office. See the film here.

Stop everything you’re doing; TVC just made a print ad

June 10 · 2014

No, your eyes aren’t lying. TVC has produced a fine piece of print, not just once but four times. When grocery store Coop Online decided to reduce the price on their products with an average 10%, we felt the internet (oh god, we never thought we would say this), just wasn’t enough. The prints showed that 10% less is more than you think, by literally taking 10% away
from famous Swedish songs, sayings and chants. The series were published in Sweden’s largest daily newspaper Aftonbladet. PS. We’re actually doing quite a bit of print these days, but that wouldn’t allow for such a striking headline, would it?

We've landed on the moon!

June 1 · 2014

Did you know that a striking headline can increase further reading with about 4 billion %. No? Well now you know.
In other news; In an industry insight survey recently performed by PwC and broadcasted by the Swedish national television, stats show that 65% of small enterprises are planning to
expand their staff within the coming year. At the TVC headquarters we're of course happy to see that we fit in to the growing model, and be the enterprise to display it. Are you also the growing type? Well then, as the Hungarian rapper
says; Speak.

Kids + Instagram = the (like)bomb

May 27 · 2014

Our Instagram activation for fashion store has turned out a complete success. When asked to present the most charming kids on Instagram, parents all over Sweden filled the hashtag #skönaungar (swedish for ’charming kids’ ) with over 5,500 funny, quirky, cute and absolutely lovely
pictures of their little ones. Adding some 150,000 likes and comments connected to the competition, it has been quite a task for the Jury to select the winners. Follow the announcements and future endeavours of here.

adidas Tribes echoes all over Europe

May 21 · 2014

First of all we’d like to congratulate our friends over at PR agency Jung Relations for winning the honorable Consumer Consultancy of the Year at Sabre Awards last night. We’d also like to congratulate ourselves for being the digital partner
in the adidas Tribes initiative, that earned itself a gold medal in the same show. We’re thrilled to see the second tribes season proving itself as an ever growing movement. Read all about it here and join adidas Tribes.

Introducing The Tove Lo Collection

May 19 · 2014

Meet Tove Lo; emerging talent and tomorrow’s big pop sensation. We’ve just helped her with her latest release.
Instead of music, this one is about her own Tove Lo collection
— 10 unique pieces — exclusively designed for fashion retailer Hurry up folks, check it out here!

Checked in; Martina and Ben

May 14 · 2014

The Viral Company family is growing! Most recently in the shape of these two wonderful human beings. Martina Frick
Isberg joins us from her previous duties at Cancerfonden, and will carry the honorable torch as one of the Community Managers here at TVC.
Ben Datmo, that has spent most of his professional life as a Designer and Art Director in London, has finally reached Swedish soil to pursuit his passion for all things digital together with us. Welcome guys!

Senior Copywriters of the World, step forward

April 30 · 2014

Hooha! The TVC family is growing by the hour, and next in line to join our NASA certified creative team is a digital native, Senior Copywriter. We need sky-high ambitions and multiple years of solid agency experience – A concept creator with
a passion for details and the ability to make people cry – only using the keyboard. Salary is worthy and you will be seated next to a great guy named Fredrik. Choose life and
apply. Much obliged / The TVC Family

adidas F50 Speed Clinic

March 28 · 2014

What makes a great footballer isn’t the 90 minutes on the pitch – It’s the countless hours of free kicks, midnight sessions and learning from the best that makes you go all way. Together with adidas, 20 emerging football talents were gathered
through Instagram for a unique, one day speed clinic at the IFK Göteborg training camp in Gothenburg, showcasing the new adizero F50. This is the first story of many to come for adidas Football in 2014. See the film here.

Re-launch of an icon

February 28 · 2014

Originally created in 1971 for tennis player Stan Smith, the much sought after adidas Stan Smith shoe is back, more sleek than ever before. With the help of it’s classic green and white silhouette and selfies from Stan’s fans we present;
Stan yourself - an Instagram activation where everyone can become the icon and also have the chance to lay hands on a unique pair of Stans, crowned with their very own face on the tongue of the shoe.

A happy 1st and 40th anniversary Picard!

February 20 · 2014

In 2014, French frozen food retailer Picard celebrates 40 years in the business, but also one year since the launch of the very first Picard store in Sweden. It also hits the one year mark of partnering with The Viral Company. For the launch, we used
some six tons of ice from Jukkasjärvi as building bricks, creating a replica of the Eiffel Tower, setting the ambitions high. In March the 7th Swedish Picard store is opened, with more to come. We’re happy to be part of this culinary success!
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 It's all

Our philosophy is simple:

If you start out by giving something meaningful to your audience, good things will bounce back.

Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. Build solid relations one brick at a time. Share people’s stories and they will share yours.

What we do:

  • 1


    By finding the soul of every brand,
    and more especially their audience,
    we gain the knowledge that enables us
    to define solid digital strategy.

  • 2


    Based on the strategic insights we create concepts, ideas and storytelling initiatives that invites both brand and audience to new synergies.

  • 3


    Using both in-house expertise and top level partners we make the creative blueprints come to life, getting
    ready for launch.

  • 4


    With an inside-out knowledge of each brand’s unique mix of digital and social platforms we run conversations
    that last.

  • 5


    Listening to the voice of the audience combined with day-to-day analysis of digital campaign data lets us react instantly, and plan the path ahead.

Our special blend:

We create progressive digital communication for the industry-leading brands of today, as well as serving as a creative partner for the rapidly growing e-commerces of tomorrow.

Over the years we've developed an expertise of successfully combining these two areas of communication. By adding a social layer on top, we help build sustainable brands with real sharable values.


How it's done:

A good idea is not worth a penny until it’s out there, making itself heard and loved by the people it’s really for. That’s what we do. We use creativity, a structured process and a generous amount of effective execution to make great communication and great brands come to life, turning into the stories people tell.


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